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Datsun Go+ Panel Van is an answer to small business starters

Ready for work...The all new Datsun Go+ Panel Van is an answer for run around city deliveries.

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Ready for work…The all new Datsun Go+ Panel Van is an answer for run around city deliveries.

SMALL business owners who can’t afford bigger delivery vehicles for their lighter cargo to deliver around their operating areas have a reason to smile as the all new Datsun GO+ Panel Van is here to solve all their problems.
Not only does this much needed tiny yet workaholic machine possess power and speed on the road, but the Datsun Go+ Panel Van is made to provide a very comfort for both the driver and passenger equally on the road.
Performance: With a perky power deliver torque at low revs, more so when carrying a load…the Datsun Go+ Panel Van is indeed living its promise to provide an added thrill to a daily delivery.
Just like most of the luxury cars, Datsun Go+ Panel Van has an amazing accelerating take off from 0-100km/h in few second, helping you to meet your customers delivery deadline right on time while saving fuel as it runs on 5.2l/100km.
Our recent long trip test drive to Tzaneen, Limpopo’s citrus fruit town where we had a couple areas to distribute our local newspaper was made so easy as this machine’s performance was so amazing despite 5000 load of newspapers around the 7km meandering Makgobaskloof road where most cars struggle.
Comfort: In this vehicle the gear-lever and parking brake lever are situated in the front IP, so it provides more comfort for the driver and front passenger.
Load on and any side of the road: The large loading rear door and the side rear doors offers easy ability load your cargo on any side of the road without obstructing traffic or injuring yourself!
Bumpy Roads: Over bumpy and patchy roads, the car behaves well, thanks to a stiffer suspension setup and highest ground clearance in its class.
Docking station: On the Datsun GO+ PV it specifies the Docking Station that will allow you to play music directly from your favorite smart phone / gadget. For businesses use WAZE to get you to and from your customers quickly and efficiently.
Lower CO2: The Datsun GO+ Panel Van has lower CO2 emission for improved environmental performance.
With R159 900 tag as the price money or R1 999 per month instalments, customers will get value for their money on Datsun Go+ Panel Van.

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