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ENGIE to accompany Africa’s city solutions at Africities 2018 in Marrakesh

AFRICAN Cities are forecast to urbanize at a rate of 3.65% annually, adding nearly 350 million new city dwellers by 2030 according to the Brookings Institution. A billion more people are expected to be living in African cities by 2060. Africa’s rapid urbanization and its infrastructure challenges are making life in African cities expensive and slow down economic growth. How will cities be able to reconcile their need for energy with a desire to use less of it and improve quality of life for citizens; how can urban development be squared with the need to safeguard natural resources. Energy will clearly be at the heart of this challenge ENGIE offers a range of proposals –designing tools, equipment and services that are transforming cities into growth and development hubs, generate savings, improve connectivity and make them more economically attractive and energy efficient. As a company we are able to deliver services ranging from energy efficiency, security, street lighting, transport, air quality monitoring and water and waste management.
At the Africities conference, we will be demonstrating the value of ENGIE SIRADEL, with its innovative tool for smart city planning, urban simulation and 3-D visualisation. It allows city managers to model the impact of investments in urban infrastructure and services. We will also introduce the ENGIE Tractebel 360° City Scan – a unique city maturity tool to run a preliminary assessment of cities infrastructure readiness and services efficiency based on public data and to map potential growth areas
Some of our references and solutions in Africa:
– Energy Services and Efficiency: HVAC for public buildings, Facility Management, Public
Lighting, Heating and Cooling Solutions (ENGIE Cofely Morocco, ENGIE Contracting Al
Maghreb, ENGIE Finatech Services, ENGIE Tieri in Abidjan – Thermaire/Ampair in South Africa)
– Local, decentralized energy generation using cutting edge technologies (ENGIE EPS, Ausar, ENGIE PowerCorner mini-grids in Tanzania, and Fenix Solar Home Systems in Uganda and Zambia).
– Green/ Improved Mobility (TER Dakar, Electric vehicles charging points in Morocco, Tramway in Casa and Rabat)
Within ENGIE we want to co-create with governments, corporations and local start-ups Better Cities for their inhabitants: smarter, more efficient, inclusive and connected.

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