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Haggai wins provincial championships of Danone Nations Cup in Limpopo

HAGGAI Primary will represent Limpopo in the forthcoming national championships of the Danone Nations Cup, WRITES NAKAMPE LEKWADU

This after Justice Matloga’s coached side won three of their scheduled four matches with the other match finishing in a draw.

Not even the chilly cold weather which was accompanied by serious rain did not stop the Maniing, Thohoyandou-based school to win this provincial championships which Matloga said they had enough time to prepare.

“Although it was for the first time that my boys were exposed to this kind of a competition, more so on provincial level, I knew we could achieve this as I have been around as school coach,” said Matloga.

For the record, Matloga is not new to school competition after having spent 13 years with the successful Benny’s Academy which won the Danone Nations Cup at national level before they could go on and represent the country in France last year.

Haggai finished the provincial championships with 10 points with their closest rivals, Kgwahlele Primary from Mokopane in the Water Region which ended their group match with 7 points. The two schools were however supposed to face each other in the final match, but the match was called off due to the slippery pitch after the heavy down-pouring before the decision to declare the club with more points as winners.

Haggai Primary celebrate their feat after winning the provincial championships of Danone Nations Cup in Limpopo

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