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Limpopo Tourism Agency promises more to enjoy in the province


MORE to Enjoy, this is Limpopo Tourism Agency’s (LTA) promise to tourists wishing to visit the province from now going forward.

This tagline (More to Enjoy) on LTA’s new logo with the famous Boabab tree which was launched recently at Euphoria Gold Estate and Lifestyle is part of the agency to reposition the province.

The chairperson of LTA, Andrew “Druza” Dipela was excited about their new logo, however he said it was not an easy road.

“This was not a pleasant journey as we had to get rid of what was identified with the province over a number of years,” said Dipela, referring to the old tagline “Inspiring New Ways” with the South African flag which has been used by the province since 2015.

“As we did that, we were oblivious of the repercussions we would face as a result of our compliance with Brand South Africa. We realized that this process was limiting us but more importantly also confusing our people by adopting the national identity domestically instead of doing so when we do international activations,” pointed out Dipela.

It should be noted that, continued Dipela: “It is not the intention of Limpopo Tourism Agency to compete with other provinces but to complement them as our offerings are unique. To that end, we have more offerings that other provinces do not have while they also have what we do not have.

In June 2017, we conducted a media colloquium at this very venue, which was an honest session where LTA had to lay bare to hear what media thought of it. We still feel that the media colloquium was a necessary and important exercise as it was uncovered that Limpopo does not have a unique selling point and differentiator.

Howard Schultz says, “In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic.”

Dipela said they expect the new brand to be a product not only owned by LTA but something we will all be proud of as South Africans.

“It is our hope that this brand will equally get a buy-in from all Limpopo citizens across the board. Brand positioning is critical to all our clients and to that end media has a pivotal role to play for this brand to be planted in the minds of our people throughout the country and beyond,” he said.

In May 2016, LTA officially launched their marketing strategy for public consumption while on the process outlining their intentions and anticipated outcome which included:

  • Increased tourist arrivals, both domestic and international
  • Increased tourist stay and spend
  • Improved brand awareness of Limpopo as a leading tourist destination
  • Increased number of events hosted by the province
  • Improved access to markets for tourism entrepreneurs

“We are doing our utmost to ensure that all these outcomes are realized and the results are already indicating that we are on the right path to turn the situation around. The brand journey we are embarking on will enhance our efforts as the leading tourist destination in the country both for domestic and international tourists. The good news is that Limpopo sits in the top three most visited provinces by international tourists in the country,” said Dipela.

He added: “One of the strategic challenges that the Board was faced with was the acknowledgement of the critical importance of Cultural and Heritage Tourism aspect, which symbiotically related to Rural Tourism Strategy. This is an enormous competitive advantage to the province given the rich mix of culture in the province, where diverse cultural groups still live harmoniously in their natural habitat.

We are grateful to announce that our unremitting engagements with various stakeholders in the tourism sector continue to bear fruit as we have now added Culture and Heritage as the seventh cluster.  This is over and above Mega Conservation, Family and Recreation, Golf and Game, Hunting and Safari, Special Interest and Business. With this, ladies and gentlemen, our basket is full with a mixture of offerings for everyone and there is indeed more to enjoy.”


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