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Flying Limpopo flag high…Mashie Mphahlele is positive of bringing MESA Crown home

young girl, Mashie Mphahlele would get lost in the lives of the fictional princesses from her favourite fairy tales. Now those princesses always had a prince to save the day. For this modern-day princess, it is not a handsome prince she desires. Her hearts desire is representing her province and community at the final event of the Miss Eagle pageant. On the night of December 17th at the Barnyard Theatre, Sun Coast Hotel Durban, the first ever Empress of Miss Eagle South Africa will be crowned.
One of the finalists vying for that crown is Lebowakgomo born Mashie Mphahlele. From a young age Mashie has always been fascinated with words. Her fascination resulted in her choice to pursue a career in the media industry. Besides being her highness Royal Princess of MESA, she is also the Head of Lifestyle for Campus TV and a host for their current affairs show ‘My Campus Talk’.
One would believe that with her love for words Mashie would pursue a career as an author or a script writer. They would not be wrong. Currently she is working on her first book. Her book tackles identity and relationships. The main theme she delves more into is that of self-discovery.
Her Miss Eagle journey highly influenced her books. Some take spiritual journeys around the world or go through very trying situations that help them discover more about themselves. Since the beginning of her journey, Mashie has come to learn more about herself. Strengths, weaknesses, limitations. Most importantly she has come to grow from those limitations she has subconsciously accepted. Today she is one of many who choose to break down any limitation that society is quick to place on people.
The other thing that this journey has unlocked in her unconditional love for her province. Coming from a province that is often riddled with negative news, it takes a special kind of perspective to appreciate it. Now while we may have our problems (political and economic), our province is not completely lost. Mashie often regards to her home province as a fertile ground for development. The possibilities and opportunities are endless. Her biggest dream is to be one from this generation to partake in the developmental process of her home. How she plans to do that is something we all cannot wait to see.
One other thing we cannot wait to see if Mashie at the Barnyard Theatre representing her province at the final show. Now we can show much support to her and our province by voting for her. You can vote for her by SMSing Mashie to 35334. Each sms costs R3. Let us rally behind one of our own and support her in her journey to bring the title back home.

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