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Unemployed youth to benefit from Transport Sketekete

Helping hand…Founder of Transport Sketekete Brenda Mofokeng.

A much needed app was recently launched at Equinox Business Centre in Sandton which will be dealing with everyday struggles which in this case is transportation that faces job seekers.
Brenda Molefe, founder of Transport Sketekete(money box) explaining the app said it is a facility she created to assist young job seekers with transportation funds when they need it. “Many young people struggle with unemployment in South Africa. The unemployment rate is currently at 26.7%. As a young job seeker one always anticipates that phone call that will change their future for the better. Most South African households are single headed households, and sometimes money can be tight. Some youths find themselves having to go house to house seeking transportation funds, when they finally receive that call for an interview and more often than not they find themselves missing out on interviews when funds are not available. We want to eliminate that struggle with our App”
What does Sketekete offer?
• The facility comprises of 3 products Taxi (minibus) Sketekete, Metered Taxi Sketekete and Fuel Sketekete.

How it works
• Users will be able to access the facility via our App or Web portal. When the user gets an interview they will send us a notification via the App with all relevant information i.e When and where the interview will take place, who the interviewer is and the contact number of said interviewer. Once we’ve confirmed the information, we will then send them the transportation funds
• Transport Sketekete is a subscription based platform. Our heroes will pay a yearly subscription and this will give them a virtual wallet to the tune of R3000 to use for their interviews per year. It also works data free and will go live on September 3.
Relating her story on why she started Transport Sketekete Molefe said “I had a very important presentation with a potential investor who wanted to invest in one of my concepts and I had no money. No money for fuel, no money for a metered taxi, I didn’t even have money for a minibus taxi. I texted everyone I knew that could have possibly assisted me in that situation and nobody assisted me. I tried to reschedule the meeting, but unfortunately my investor had to go back to his country. I was devastated. I thought to myself, how many other people are possibly going through what I’m going through, missing out on opportunities over something as little as not having transport money. I was thinking how convenient it would be it if one could have access to funds without any hassles whenever they found themselves needing money to go to interviews or meetings. So I started putting together Transport Sketekete.
Molefe said “Unemployment is already at an all-time high, we shouldn’t be struggling to get to interviews as well. Strategic alliances are currently being made with various companies. These alliances will ensure that we have enough support to bring Transport Sketekete to life and keep it operational for years to come”
Molefe said she has had the concept for a few years now but only started putting the App together last year.
She said starting any business there will be struggles, but because Transport Sketekete is addressing a social need she hopes any problems they may encounter, will not be a huge hindrance.
Brenda Molefe is the founder and CEO of Transport Sketekete and Managing Director of Mnotfo Investments Worldwide. When asked to talk a bit about herself she has this to say “I really don’t like talking about myself. I just want to make a difference

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