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BICR ergonomically designed shavers for women

THE art of shaving dates back many thousands of years, way back to the ancient Roman times. It was brutal in those days having to use pumice stone to achieve a silky-smooth look. Fast forward to modern times where hemlines are short and swimsuits are more daring, shaving has become an everyday practise for women and BICR has introduced ergonomically designed shavers enabling women, from the first time teen shavers, young women to the more
experienced shavers to experience the ‘Swag without the Drag’.
“All women want to look their best in Summer and shaving is no longer confined to underarms but the entire body, and it must take as little time as possible,” explained Lillian Henderson, Marketing Director, BICR Southern, East and Central Africa. “Our BICR Miss Soleil has been designed to achieve the smooth look without the nicks, cuts and ingrowing hairs.”
“Shaving has traditionally been regarded as necessity, but a bit of a ‘drag’,” said Henderson. “In our research we found that shaving is a woman’s least favourite beauty chore even though they love the way their legs feel afterward, soft, smooth and silky. At BICR we understand this and
our range of BICR Soleil disposable shavers have been designed to meet the needs of woman shaving, this comes through it the ergonomic designed of our handles so no matter what your shaving style the BICR Soleil shaver handle is perfect for you”
The new Miss Soleil shavers have been introduced in packs of four with consumers being encouraged to purchase the product and WhatsApp their till slips to a 0822553706 and stand a chance of winning one of 250 waterproof bathroom/shower speaker. “The younger consumers will specifically enjoy the speakers as music and shower/bath time go together!” said Henderson.
BICR has enlisted the help of 20 young influencers across the country based at various University campuses to hand out the new BICR Miss Soleil samples, pamphlets and fun door hangers to remind young woman to Smooth into Summer and get the Swag without the Drag with their all new BIC R Miss Soleil disposable shaver.



The Miss Soleil handle has been ergonomically developed to fit all female
consumers way of handling a shaver:

* Fist, Palm, Pencil, Feather or Pincer

The ideal product for teenage girls who are starting to remove their hair as
well as for young women

* Triple blade shaver: For a smoother, closer and more comfortable
* Double Lubricating strip with Lanoline and Vitamin e: Smoothness
for a comfortable shave
* Unique Shaver design with an engraved handle with flowers: For a
pleasant experience
* Comfortable curved handle: For a better handling

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