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Budding musicians and film stars wanna-be have been invited to come and learn what goes behind the scenes on the career they have chosen.

Participants must pre-register the form to be issued out at the venue on the day to gain access. This will secure your seat as numbers are expected to be high.

From next week Tuesday 06 to 07 workshops have been tailor-made to equip and teach on music compilations, royalties, engineering, production, management, copyright, publishing and financial management. All workshops begin from 9am to 5pm.

The objective is to give both aspiring musicians and filmmakers the platform to understand pros and cons of music and acting at an early stage.

According to Louis Mogaki who is an advocate by profession, and spokesperson for the organisers, the celebrated neo soul dj Vick Lavender -accompanied by his full member band- will conduct the music workshop, and our own diva KB Motsilenyane will advise on lifestyle, and how to conduct yourself on and off the stage. 

Candi Roots trio dj Cueber, Hypnosis and Mphoza, local acts -have been enlisted to impart ideas on sound engineering, dj compilations and music downloads.

Mthuthuzeli Matshoba who produced the likes of Tsotsi, Jerusalem and White Wedding will take center stage with Thato Molamu simply known as ‘Nicholas’ from Generations’ soapie -following their vast experience in theatre and film, respectively- will unpack the theatrics and drama, tv character (how to interpret lines and perfect them on set), amongst others.

Mogaki also confirmed that a production set fully equipped with cameras and music studio will be erected to add impetus and practicalilty to the workshops.

“This allows the participants to fully understand how it feels to be in studio and in full acting set.

We’ve gone out of our way to share with our youngsters what really goes behind the scenes. For us, it is crucial that we impart such ideas with them using celebrated stars and musicians. They relate better.”

“This is our first major project in the Province, and we foresee outgrowing it in future,”

Food and drinks will be provided during workshops.


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