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Compass Group SA announces rugby sponsorship

COMPASS Group Southern Africa has announced its sponsorship of eight learners into the Investec International Rugby Academy South Africa.

“We will be sponsoring the fees of these eight aspiring rugby players,” says Monwabisi Kalawe, Country Managing Director for Compass Group SA. “In addition to our monetary sponsorship, we have also developed a tailor-made nutrition model for the young players at the academy. This course falls in line with the academy’s overall aim to customize their curriculum throughout the year to ensure that what the students learn within the academy’s practical environment is taken home with them.”

Compass Group SA utilises a programme called “Eat, Learn, Live” for their clients within the education sector. The programme is a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of children and students.

Compass Group SA’s team of passionate chefs and qualified dieticians work with school educators and learners, to create menus that are tasty, fun and nutritious. They also educate their clients about healthy diets and lifestyles.

“Beyond school and college doors, students will be bombarded with choice. By arming these young people with knowledge we give them the power to make good decisions and lead a healthier life,” Kalase explains.

The result is a programme that reaches beyond the kitchen and dining areas to support sustainable humanitarian causes and responsible environmental programmes.

The Investec International Rugby Academy was started in New Zealand by Murray Mexted and Sean Fitzpatrick over 10 years ago. It gives aspiring rugby players the chance to fine-tune their skills, access international coaches and players and concentrate on physical, mental, tactical and fitness elements. South African graduates from this programme include Dick Muir, Nick Mallett, Grant Bashford, Francois Steyn and Craig Burden. The South African arm of the academy is now headed by Dick Muir, and it brings together former players and young, up-and-coming talent.

“Our hope is that by engaging with these young talented individuals to help them reach their dreams, we will also be able to teach them how to ‘Eat, Learn and Live’. Our long-term goal is to extend this offering to similar development programmes for netball and coaching.

“Through this sponsorship, and our various other initiatives we will keep bringing quality food, and great nutrition to as many tables as we can,” Kalawe concludes.

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