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Helping hand…Dr Mahlaela believes that Coronavirus symptoms are more similar to most of sicjnesses he has healed before

WHILE medical institution across the world seems to be struggling to come up with solution to the much talked about killer Coronavirus that has already claimed thousands of lives, Dr Mahlaela says it is high time that traditional healers be given a chance to bring solution the African way.
Speaking to Lepelle Review at his Makweng, Zebediela homestead during our visit to find out if there can be solution from ancestors’ wisdom, Mahlaela said as much as there is no sickness in the ancestors’ dictionary called Covid-19, he is positive that traditional healers can held find solutions to the Coronavirus should they be given an opportunity to help.
“It is a fact that this Covid-19 is a killer disease and therefore people should adhere to the rules and regulations of the Lockdown as demanded by our government. However as a traditional healer myself, I don’t this this virus is a new thing as we have in the past treated and healed people with symptoms similar to this pandemic,” explained Mahlaela.
Over the years, added Mahlaela: “If the symptoms of Coronavirus are really what they are mentioning among such fever, tiredness and dry cough, then there might be a bit of help from traditional healers as well. At the moment however, our hands are tight because so far there has never been any word from the government to ask if we can intervene with solutions the African way through natural herbs.”
During the time of publishing this story, the province of Limpopo had recorded 27 cases of people tested positive and one death and 21 recoveries. The total national cases were at 3 300 with 58 deaths and 1 055 recoveries.

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