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First celebrity player confirmed for the World Series of Poker Tournament (WSOP)

Michael Mizrachi of the United States has confirmed his attendance at Africa’s annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) Tournament to be held from the 5th to the 10th February 2013 at Emerald Resort & Casino.

Mizrachi is a legend in the game of poker boasting 22 career titles and having placed 12th on the overall 2012 Player of the Year ranking. The 31 year old is nicknamed ‘The Grinder’ and is no stranger to gathering a big chip stack.

‘Grinding’ is a term used in the poker world that means slowly and patiently accumulating chips.

The World Series of Poker is the largest, richest and most prestigious gaming event in the world having awarded more than one billion dollars in prize money. In addition, it offers prestigious tournament jewellery and is globally recognized as the sport’s top prize. Featuring a comprehensive slate of tournaments in every major poker variation, the WSOP is poker’s longest running tournament in the world, dating back to 1970.

Contestants from around the globe will converge on Emerald Resort & Casino in February in an effort to out-think, out-play the competition and gain the top prize. South Africans in the past have performed well and beaten off some impressive names in the world of poker.

Mizrachi will be entertaining to watch. He has numerous World Series of Poker cashes and two World Poker Tour titles.

To register and view the six day WSOP Africa event schedule, visit http://www.emeraldcasino.co.za. Select the desired event, download and print the registration forms. Completed entries must be emailed to poker@emeraldcasino.co.za or faxed to 086 618 2502.

Further information can be obtained from Roxanne Malan on 072 580 5844, the dedicated email address of poker@emeraldcasino.co.za and the Emerald Resort & Casino website www.emeraldcasino.co.za. In addition to the normal twitter account, look out for updated tweets from @emerald_poker.


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