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Free State school expelled from Metropolitan SASFA U-16 Cup


Zwelithini Stadium, Durban, on Wednesday morning, though only 17 of the original

complement of 18 teams will now contest the annual national schools championship.

One of the Free State qualifiers, Setjhabasemaketse Secondary School, was summarily

expelled from the tournament today, two days into the tournament, on account of

attempting to field a player who is not a registered pupil at the school, a flagrant

contravention of Section 3.1 of the official tournament rules, which requires all

participants to be full time day scholars at their respective schools.

“It was discovered during one of the many random checks that take place during the

tournament.  A certain pupil could not answer some of the simple questions related

to the school he purported to attend,” said Isaac Arendse, National Technical

Director of SASFA.  “At a disciplinary hearing on Thursday, the team was

disqualified and the school forfeited all points.  The player and coach in question

were sent home”.

“SASFA has a zero tolerance policy towards any form of cheating, as it denies

opportunities to legitimate participants, as well as affording an unfair advantage

to the dishonest team,” he added.

For logistical reasons the remaining members of the Setjhabasemaketse Secondary

School contingent will stay on in Durban as spectators.

Metropolitan sponsorship manager, Jennifer Padayachee endorsed SASFA’s stance: “This

event is one of the cornerstones of youth development football in the country. The

importance of integrity and honesty cannot be overstated and any transgressions of

these principles will be dealt with in the strongest possible terms. However, this

incident should not have an overall bearing on the remainder of the tournament,

which we anticipate will be contested in the finest sporting spirit.”

The matter has been referred to both SAFA and the Department of Education, which

could yield further consequences for the offenders.

The finals of the Metropolitan SASFA Under-16 Cup will be played tomorrow at the. Kick-off is at 6pm.


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