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Santos will bounce back, Allie promise fans


FOLLOWING their disappointing performance and the fact that they’ve let their loyal supporters and sponsors down this past season, Santos is upbeat about their plans for the future and their determination to get back into the Premier League.

“Our sponsors and supporters have given us everything and we owe it to them to get back into the Premier League”, said Santos chairman, Goolam Allie.  He believes that the time is right to review their strategy and structure.  “The club’s good track record and the current situation, together with the development of the Academy, will be used to the team’s advantage this season”, said Allie.

It has always been Santos’ philosophy to grow and develop youth football in the Western Cape.  Allie emphasised that the youth development programme of the club will remain unaffected.  “We will continue in our efforts to grow the programme even further. The club will continue with the Engen U-17 Knockout Challenge as part of its development activities”, said Allie.

 “We want to bring in more young talent and recruit a few others.  One thing is for sure, our youth structures and Academy are important to us,” said Allie.

He believes that the combination of young talent, a world-class coach and a good technical team are the perfect ingredients to bounce back next year. 

Santos will retain the majority of their players, adding a few fresh young players to the squad and is confident about repeating what they have done in the past when they made a comeback.  Their achievements include winning the League title and three knock-out competitions. (Engen Santos two)

The club is grateful for the support of its major sponsor, Engen.  “Engen has been an excellent partner and sponsor.  They believed in us.  We hope that they will help us realise our objective by continuing to support us in the same way they have done in the past. 

 “We are a team with a very proud history of determination and strong will.  This is an exciting challenge for us.  We’ll make our supporters and our sponsors proud once again.  This I can promise”, said a determined Allie.



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